Important Canadian Art Sale on May 30

Having suggested on a few occasions in previous newsletters that there are a couple of periods in the year when there is an over supply of art work by deceased artists in varying degrees of quality in our relatively small Canadian art market, right about now being one, we thought it in our interest to suspend this little series of regular internet offerings we have been posting this winter with a resumption on May 30. Suffice it it to say that we promise you can look forward to some wonderful, rare and most fine treasures, including exceptional paintings by Sarah Robertson and Albert Robinson. For any of you potential sellers of very fine works of art we encourage you to contact us to ensure their inclusion in our May 30 exhibition and sale.

N.B. ” Even institutions like the Museum of Modern Art are avoiding auctions: ‘There’s an element of uncertainty with an auction that in this climate makes it more prudent to sell privately’ said Ann Temkin, chief curator in the department of painting and sculpture at MoMA.

‘The game has definitely shifted,’ said Christopher Eykyn, a former head of Impressionist and modern art at Christie’s who is now a dealer in New York. ” (N Y Sunday Times , Carol Vogel article ” In Slump More Art is Selling in Private ” April 26 , 2009.)

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