John Little, R.C.A. (b. 1928)

John Little, R.C.A. (b. 1928) November Snow, Jeanne-Mance Square, Montreal 1968

John Little, R.C.A. (b. 1928) November Snow, Jeanne-Mance Square (corner of Sherbrooke Street), Montreal, 1968, Oil on canvas, 24 x 30 in.

Private Collection, Montreal


Galerie Walter Klinkhoff is the only commercial art gallery in the world working directly with John Little, R.C.A. an important Montreal based artist who continues to give the Gallery the occasional current and excellent work of art to offer for sale.

Canadian art market watchers over the last 27 years or so have consistently found evidence that the reputation of John Little has grown to be considered the premier Canadian urban painter still active today. His creative legacy is a body of work painted over a career now of almost 60 years. Although his painting places are primarily Quebec City and Montreal his message is very much a documentary and commentary relevant to the evolution of countless major cities throughout North America, that being the demolition of the inner city neighbourhoods and their resurrection committed almost exclusively to business. Little’s painterly tribute is a testimony to the original neighbourhoods where citizens lived virtually right downtown with the local grocery store at the corner, perhaps a place of worship not much further away than that, where community sports teams were often sponsored by the gas station a few blocks away. Then along with the dedication of downtown to business came a development of suburbs and an enormous construction of highways leading from the city core to them.

The son of an architect, John Little has always reveled in the coexistence of a multitude of architectural styles from the most formal to the pedestrian within a few city blocks. Our painting, “ November Snow, Jeanne-Mance Square, Montreal 1968 ” is described in a style of post-impressionism, a style he practiced for about a decade from 1959. This is a most desirable and collectible painting by Little. Astute art market observers will confirm that this is both an outstanding painting by Little and one offered at a most competitive market price.

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