Update on four local artists

John Littles Epicerie Theriault, rue Mentana at rue Bienville, 2010

John Little's "Epicerie Theriault, rue Mentana at rue Bienville", 2010

March 17, 2010

I recently received the following email from Eric Klinkhoff, a director of Galerie Walter Kinkhoff:

“I am attaching a photograph of a painting John Little just completed. John turned 82 on February 20 and in my opinion this is the best work that he has done in several years. Are you and I also getting better as we get older?”

In most local corporate offices and elegant homes there’s usually a John Little painting hanging on a wall. Little’s legacy of nearly 60 years of painting is that he has revived a sense of longing for times and places that no longer exist. His art captures the essence of what Montreal once was.

Destroyed by demolition and urban renewal, most of the city that Little captures no longer exists, but turn of the century architecture, dignified pillars, and old gracious homes are all still preserved in his paintings.

Since the mid-1980’s, Galerie Walter Klinkhoff has represented Little exclusively, where there is a waiting list anxious to buy the couple of canvases he still produces each month.

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  1. Bernard Mendelnan says:

    Hi Eric
    Thanks for adding my bit on John to your site.
    In the West-Island edition of The Suburban, the picture appears in colour.You can viewi it by going to http://www.thesuburban,com
    Keep flipping pages until you come to page 71.
    If you are too old to figure it out call me and I’ll try to help you.
    You may find my column on Wednesday to your liking.
    It’s about “losing our marbles”


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