Invitation to Sell or Consign for Klinkhoff’s April 8 Canadian Art Exhibition & Sale

Maximize value with a financial guarantee!

By selling to/through Klinkhoff in our April 8 sale, you:

  • sell with little competition from comparable works available elsewhere which may distract potential buyers (e.g. in May when auction catalogues flood the market with supply!)
  • receive a financial guarantee representing the amount of money you will net.*
  • payment upon delivery for the most desirable works.*
  • eliminate the uncertainty of financial returns in what is a volatile marketplace.
  • eliminate the risk of “buy-ins”, which “burn” your works of art.

Klinkhoff’s April 8 sale of Important Canadian Art is approaching quickly. Contact us if you are considering the sale of your fine works of art. Through our network of influential collectors, we act privately to maximize the value of your important paintings and sculpture.

Recent auction sales demonstrate the risks of selling without financial assurance. We guarantee the prices for all works of art sold to or through our fixed-price gallery.* Consultations are free. Informal valuations for important works of interest to us are free, confidential, and represent actual current selling values, without the vagaries of many alternatives.**

*Guarantees are subject to certain applicable conditions.
**Galerie Klinkhoff reserves the right not to provide evaluations at its discretion. Contact us for further information.

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