Important Canadian Art Exhibition & Sale July 11

Fritz Brandtner, Cubist Dock and Buoys, 1942

Maximize value with a financial guarantee

By selling to/through Klinkhoff in our July 11 exhibition and sale, you:

  • sell with little competition from comparable works available elsewhere which may distract potential buyers (e.g. when auction catalogues flood the market with supply!)
  • receive a financial guarantee representing the amount of money you will net.*
  • receive payment upon delivery for the most desirable works.
  • eliminate the uncertainty of financial returns in what is a volatile marketplace.
  • eliminate the risk of “buy-ins”, which “burn” your works of art.

Klinkhoff’s July 11 exhibition and sale of Important Canadian Art is approaching quickly. Contact us if you are considering the sale of your fine works of art. Through our network of influential collectors, we act privately to maximize the value of your important paintings and sculpture.

Recent auction sales demonstrate the risks of selling without financial assurance. We guarantee the prices for all works of art sold to or through our fixed-price gallery.* Informal valuations for works of interest to us are free, confidential, and represent real current market values.

*Guarantees are subject to certain conditions. Contact us for more information.

Buy from Klinkhoff to ensure:

Unsurpassed expertise, quality, value-added service and market-leading experience: The Klinkhoff family has been buying and selling Canadian art for almost 65 years with unique first-hand and proprietary knowledge. By buying from us at a fixed-price, you are assured of reliability, authenticity and quality in what is an excellent group of works of art vetted by respected experts in the field of Canadian and European painting and offered to you the art collector at competitive market prices.

Aligned interests: We invest our own money in the works of art we buy and sell, and thereby demonstrate that our confidence in these works is absolute.  We purchase only works of art we believe our clients are well served to buy.

Sellers can maximize value and minimize risk by taking advantage of our tried and proven fixed-price sales. We offer financial guarantees* to sellers of outstanding works of art.

At Galerie Alan Klinkhoff, expertise in recognizing authenticity and quality works of art is the result of decades of dealing with artwork by many of Canada’s most important artists. The Klinkhoff family sold works directly on behalf of these artists and/or their estates: Molly Lamband Bruno Bobak, Paul-Émile BorduasSam BorensteinFrederick Simpson CoburnNora CollyerBerthe des ClayesMarc Aurèle Fortin,Clarence Alphonse GagnonPrudence HewardRandolph HewtonEdwin HolgateA.Y. JacksonJean-Paul LemieuxArthur Lismer, John LittleKathleen MorrisRobert PilotAnne SavageRené RichardJean-Paul RiopelleGoodridge Roberts, and Frederick B. Taylor.

In addition to our associations with artists and/or their Estates, Galerie Alan Klinkhoff’s predecessor, Galerie Walter Klinkhoff, has prepared and presented almost 40 museum-style retrospective exhibitions. With a view in mind to studying them and sharing their virtues with others in the art community these annual non-selling shows feature an important selection of works by one or another Canadian artist who we admire. We have undertaken this visual and academic study of several of the artists mentioned above as well as Emily Carr, Adrien Hébert, David MilneM.A. Suzor-Coté and Albert H. Robinson to name only a selection.

Our gallery represents a select group of established investment quality contemporary artists, each original in style and painting with the utmost integrity. We are of the opinion that each is making a unique contribution to the field of Canadian art of this generation. We select from them the finest works available and encourage an admiring public to add these artists to their budding collections.

*Financial guarantees are subject to applicable conditions.

Copyright © Galerie Alan Klinkhoff Inc. 2014

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