The Beaver Hall Group: Recent Acquisitions

Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is proud to present a selection of paintings by members of the Beaver Hall Group from March 18th, 2016 at Alan Klinkhoff Gallery in Toronto and at

Contact us for buying and selling inquiries.

Hitching Posts, c 1924.jpg

Kathleen M. Morris | Hitching Posts, Berthierville, Quebec, circa 1925

The sale will feature paintings by:
Andre Biéler
Nora Collyer
Maurice Cullen
Adrien Hébert
Prudence Heward
Edwin Holgate
A.Y. Jackson
Kathleen Morris
Robert Pilot
Albert Robinson
Anne Savage
Ethel Seath

With the exhibition 1920s Modernism in Montreal, The Beaver Hall Group opening at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, it is our intention to complement the exposure the exhibition gives to these fine artists by offering for sale some outstanding and important works by several of these artists at the Alan Klinkhoff Gallery in Toronto and at The museum’s is a wonderful and informative one, accompanied by an extensively researched catalogue – one I think 4 or 5 years in preparation.

The Klinkhoff family “has been instrumental in introducing the Beaver Hall Group of Women to the Public” The Montreal Gazette, 1997

For our part, we would simply like to relate how the Klinkhoff family has been singing the praises of the Beaver Hall Group artists and others for several decades now by preparing dozens of non-selling exhibitions in their honour, advising collectors to purchase their work, and acting for some of their estates selling their work. Whereas in some cases we may have been a generation removed from the artist himself or herself, in others we, Dad at any rate, was current with many of their careers.

The knowledge accumulated anecdotally from Mom and Dad’s experiences and more than 40 years of our own organizing a number of non-selling exhibitions honouring many of these artists is significant to our understanding of their work.

Our exhibition catalogue The Beaver Hall Group & The Klinkhoff Family can be downloaded here

Alan Klinkhoff


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