LCC Graduate Exhibition: Following the Vernissage

“Walking up the steps, it hadn’t yet hit me that I was about to greet an ecstatic crowd of people who were there to see my work. Our work. As I took a step inside, I felt a shiver running down my spine. There they were, my paintings, hung up among my fellow classmates’ works in the Alan Klinkhoff Gallery. It was an experience that some artists only dream about, yet it was a reality for us.”

Some squealed in excitement, others stood in shock, and some even shed tears. These were the only appropriate reactions for what we were experiencing. It was the first time any of us had seen our work on public display. Many of us had participated in annual school art shows, but the walls of the Klinkhoff Gallery outmatched those of our school’s gym. Knowing that our pieces went up in the places of those of famed artists was a surreal feeling.

Eric Artola_The Humanity of War_aluminum and wood_PreU_2015_2016
When people see our piecesAlyssa & Jessica 2_making horns for mask_gr 10_May 2015 hanging in the gallery, it is evident that they are works that are treasured by each artist, and there is no one who knows this better than the students ourselves. Throughout our high school careers, we have experienced years of art classes together. As the students in the school who are most passionate about art, we share a bond that was truly fortified by the experience we shared in the Alan Klinkhoff Gallery. Walking through and seeing everything on display, we can all agree that it was possibly even more breathtaking to see our classmates’ works of art than it was to see our own. We spent the past two years sitting side by side, helping one another with their works and watching as they grew into the masterpieces to be hung in the gallery downtown. The sentiments of pride we felt for one another when we saw the pieces in the  gallery were indescribable.

From the moment we first heard about the project to the opening night of the exhibit, it’s safe to say that we’ve all grown not only in our work, but as individuals. For many of us, this opportunity has developed both our appreciation and passion for the arts. The sentiments we felt in the gallery are ones that will drive us in our future careers, knowing that hard work and dedication is incredibly rewarding.

The work that our art teacher, Ms. Carol Loeb, put into this exhibition is beyond anything we’ve ever seen. She worked tirelessly for months to get all of this set up, and she did such an incredible job. She pushed us all to become the artists we are today. Not only has she taught us profound techniques that will be applied in our future work, but she also taught us so many memorable life lessons. The memories we’ve shared with her will last a lifetime. Ms. Loeb, we thank you for inspiring us.

To the Klinkhoff family and team; there are not enough ways to say thank you for having us.


Alyssa Obrand, Noah Wou and the Lower Canada College class of 2016 featured artists



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