Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is rooted in three generations of collective experience buying and selling of fine art.  For the reasons of assurance, efficiency, and confidentiality selling your Canadian or international fine art to or through the Alan Klinkhoff Gallery is your most advantageous selling option.

Expect Efficiency, Reliability and Confidentiality

 Should you prefer to sell Canadian art with Alan Klinkhoff Gallery on a consignment basis, most fine works will be sold and settled efficiently, likely within 30 days of their delivery to the Gallery. For many of the finest works, Alan Klinkhoff Gallery guarantees their sale, often well within 90 days of receiving them for sale, or agree to purchase them at the agreed price.

Private sales vs. selling at auction: selling privately mitigates the risks

 Sale by private treaty and at a “fixed price” is your most advantageous selling option. A study of a survey of Canadian and international fine art auction results and independent reviews of art sales have recently shown a  record numbers of unsold lots at auction, works which then become tarnished for resale in the short and medium term. Selling privately mitigates these auction risks and protects the value off fine works of art.

It is a gross misconception that auctions obtain higher sale prices for fine art. Alan Klinkhoff Gallery often achieves values which surpass auction records.

This fact is unsurprising because of the very nature of an auction. The temporary abundance of works of art flooding the market during the couple of weeks of “auction season” creates an oversupply of works by a limited number of artists. Generally speaking, the prices are on average lower for paintings by artists where there are numerous lots by the same artist on the market.

In selling at auction, the consignors accept all the risks but the auction house reeps benefits whether the work is sold or not. Auctioneers charge commissions of 27% – 40% of the price the buyer is actually paying and which the market is prepared to invest and auction houses also charge the seller insurance premiums of 1½ % (for four months).

 Even if the work remains unsold, “buy in” premiums of 4% of the reserve as well as large sums for crating and transportation and transit iinsurance are usually charged. Hefty charges for marketing, framing, restoration, crating and transport are added to the seller’s bill. By contrast, at Galerie Alan Klinkhoff show us an outstanding work of art and we pay you that selling price less 15%- 20%. If by chance we are unable to sell a consigned work, we charge no fees or commissions to our clients.

 Highly accessible auction results online risk “taint” works at auction is greater now than ever due to record high “buy-in rates” (meaning the work goes unsold and the auction house “buys it”) .(READ MORE): if  a work goes unsold or if you purchase at auction, there will be little enthusiasm when attempting to re-sell – be it in 5 days, 5 months, or even 5 years because  bringing  art to auction creates a public record that the painting went unwanted on the global stage.

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